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My appearance on KC Live in January 2013. Video

In early 2012, I sat down to work on a pdf comparing and contrasting different coffee brewing methods and dispelling a lot of the myths I saw circulating by word of mouth.  I intended to send it around to my friends and family that were increasingly coming to me with their questions about coffee. That little project took on a life of its own and became a monster and would eventually become the book The Coffeeist Manifesto (Amazon link).

In the two years since then, thousands of people have found TCM. The reviews, to say nothing of the email messages and twitter comments I get, show that I managed to touch a nerve. Coffee is an amazing elixir, but there are no reasons for having the secrets to unlocking it’s true potential hidden behind a pretentious  veneer. Coffee has always been a drink of the ‘everyman,’ and I was just doing my part to keep it that way by connecting the dots that many in the coffee industry deliberately try to obfuscate in order to keep you drinking stale, pre-ground, swill.

The response to my little myth-busting book surpassed my greatest expectations and led to the beginning of Manifesto Media, which is really just an attempt to wrap all of my disparate interests under one slightly rebellious umbrella. I’m excited to be launching this site along with the Manifesto store, but I’m even more excited to be exploring new territory with the podcast and new book that are both on the horizon.

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